We've heard from other expat American families
that while their children may receive a more global education,
a strong US geography base might be lacking

Clever Santa delivered a family game this year
which teaches (or reviews) US state locations, capitals, and state nicknames

We played it on our vacation,

Based on book of same title
via Amazon

Targeted for children 8+,
this game is fun for tweens too

It is a great concept with many tasks,
such as finding the closest state and finding hidden names within capitals

It later brought up interesting dinner discussion such as
''Why is it called Rhode Island when it is not an island?''
''What is the proper pronunciation of Montpelier?''
''How do you call someone from Juneau?''
Hmm, good questions

My only complaint about this game is
it is not available for other countries or continents
(hint, hint Gamewright)

Many Europeans are surprised that Americans often can't name
the capitals of all 50 US states

This is because many capitals are in small cities that
 rarely make national news and seldom visited

Hoping you are having a wonderful new year so far
Thank you so much for reading :)

Sharing about this game only because it has been a great find for our family.
I received no free product or compensation for this post.