One of the best way to organize your kitchen is by organizing on activity based. Anything that does not fall under the main kitchen activity categories such as: baking, cooking, serving and storing; should not take up too much space on your kitchen. Larger serving dishes, roasting pans and frying pans should be kept on low or high kitchen shelves.

Keep seasonal items or those items which you do not rarely use away from the kitchen entirely, and label them for easy access.

For serving activity items such as flatware, dishes, glasses, bowls,plates and serving utensils; should be stored near the dishwasher or dish rack.

For cooking activity items such as pots, pans, cutting boards, oils, vinegars,spices,knives,potholders and the like; should be stored near the cooking area.

Items such as food storage containers, plastic bags, plastic wraps and foils; should be kept near the refrigerator.